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Gabriel Catelli Goulart

Digital Wizard (Developer / Designer)

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Gabriel Catelli Goulart is a freelance and a full-stack developer based in São José dos Pinhais with a passion for building digital services/stuff he wants. He has a knack for all things launching products, from planning and designing all the way to solving real-life problems with code. He is currently working at Oiti


1996Born in São José dos Pinhais, Brazil.
2013Learned English Language at The Winner English School
2015Won 1st in the Flow Manager project at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná
2018Completed the Graduate School of Digital Design at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná (PUCPR)
2012 to presentWorking as a Developer


May 2023 to present

Oiti (Senior Mobile Developer)
Working on developing hybrid and native libraries for three-dimensional facial recognition for Proof of Life (Liveness3D) and Document Forensics for React Native, also utilizing Dart for Flutter plugins, streamlining user recognition for future banking or value transactions.

Jun 2021 to May 2023

GO-K | Inovação Digital (Senior React Native Developer)
Working on the creation of libraries in JavaScript for three-dimensional facial recognition for proof of life (Liveness3D) and Documentoscopy for React Native, facilitating user recognition to perform future banking or value transactions.

Team Command Center Lidia Bank, meeting CROSS demands, which include web development using React, and React Native working on the mobile application.

Apr 2020 - Jul 2021

TIVIT (Fullstack Developer)
Focus on the Notrelabs and Portal GNDI project aiming to create a new front-end focused on JavaScript and seeking information from an API Gateway.

- React.js
- Node.js
- Libraries (axios, data-table, react-router-dom, moment and others.)
- Unitary tests

Feb 2021 - May 2021

Midway Bank (Backend Node.js Mid Developer)
I work more frequently with the backend of the Midway bank application from Riachuelo stores, developed focused on BFF (Backend For Frontend) and its microservices.

- Node.js
- Express.js
- SQL Server
- GraphQL
- Jenkis
- Azure
- Unit Tests (Jest)

Nov 2020 - Apr 2021

act Digital (Front-end Developer)

Jun 2018 - Oct 2020

Agnes RH (FullStack Developer)
Developer of cloud systems to facilitate the company's people management processes, using AWS, Mysql and SQL Server database, PHP, Node.js, managing Windows Server and Linux servers via SSH and Machine Learning with IBM Watson for analysis of candidate profiles according to the vacancy profile.

Nov 2015 - Dec 2016

Velti Tecnologia (Digital Designer)
Development of Landing Pages, through web tools to leverage the sale of physical products of the company, and take care of all the visual part of it.

Jul 2014 - Feb 2015

Gráfica MCA (Developer)
During this period, i worked on the development of its institutional website and e-commerce as an online print. A lot of creative work was also shown for the graphic page (Social Media).

Feb 2012 - Jul 2014

Salish Comunicação (PHP Developer)
Content developer for Internet, Wordpress, HTML5, PHP and other technologies, most frequent work in backend and frontend.

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Art, Music, Drawing, Development, Eletronic Music Production, Machine Learning

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